Riddle's Luminous Skin Care - Coming soon!

Posted by Chelsea Voge on

In 2013 I was developing a skin care system. I loved nurturing my skin and the intimate relationship that doing so allowed for me to have with myself. I also strongly believed in the power of using oils. I had been using them on my face for years and although people often complimented my "glow", when I told them my regimen they couldn't' fathom using oil on their face, let alone as a cleansing product.

Many people would argue that their skin was much too oily already to do such a thing. Others were simply unnerved at the thought. 

Before being half way through developing the system I accidentally made Riddle Oil Original. This took on a life of its own very quickly and required much of my time to be birthed. I sat my skin care dream on the shelf, promising that I would find my way back to it as soon as I was able to give it the attention it deserved.  

That brings me to today! I am happy to say that I have dusted off my oily endeavor and will be offering the world, Riddle Luminous before the Christmas songs make a peak on your local radio! 

You can expect yummy oily cleansers and moisturizers made luxuriously and simple. This system is meant to be an easy to follow process that will alleviate your need to continuously pour out money on product after product as well as maintain a happy, healthy glow that is as simple as it is natural. 

Stay tuned!