No Scent?!

We have created this page for those who encounter nose fatigue with Riddle Original. It is not a common problem but does happen and we would like to offer you some education as to why so you can become an olfactory connoisseur and understand what is happening scientifically.

  • Customer A smelled it on someone else and loved it then when they put it on they didn't smell it as strongly or at all.
  • Customer B smelled it at a store and loved the scent; they purchased it then found that they didn't smell it as strongly when they wore it next.
  • Customer C is a loyal Riddle Original user and have gone through several bottles to find that eventually they don't smell it anymore.

First, we would like to say that Riddle Original is our number one selling scent and is distilled in a controlled and consistent environment that renders each batch to be the same potency as the first one ever made. 

Then why can't these customers smell it?! 

Wether you are customer A, B or C the reason your experiencing this is found by investigating how our sense of smell works and how perfumes and colognes are made.

There are four points to carry away about how our sense of smell works:

  • Our sense of smell was designed to aid in our survival not for cosmetic purposes. When your nose picks up a new scent it is highly sensitive to it. It takes in all of the molecule information and decides if it is safe or unsafe. If your limbic system decides that the scent is harmless then it will begin to ignore it in order to continue with it's job of hunting out new potential dangers.
  • Everyone perceive smells differently and also have a different personal scent given their diet, mood, hormones and lifestyle. We also all heat up and diffuse our scents differently. Some Riddle Original wearers diffuse it and can be smelled from a mile away while others diffuses it like an aura closer around their body and trail it as they walk.
  • When you smell a scent on someone you are smelling the base of that scent mixed with their personal scent. This is why when you smell the same perfume on two different people after about an hour of wearing it, it smells like a slightly different scent all together. Many times that person cannot smell the Original on them because they are so used to their personal scent yet you can smell it on them. This can easily happen to you too; you will not smell it on yourself but others will.
  • Your scent cells are renewed every 28 days and therefore have a "new nose".

How a perfume or cologne is made...

The way a typical perfume/cologne is created is by layering top, middle and base notes. What differentiates these is the weight of the molecule. The top is the lightest and evaporates quickly which is the scent you receive from right out of the bottle. The middle takes around 10-20 minutes to evaporate and the base comes out around 30-45 minutes later and lasts the longest. 
Riddle Original is made of only base notes. This is not common of many scents and is what makes it unique and popular yet require some explanation at times.
Riddle Original becomes a part of you and enhances your own smell/pheromones. You are not as sensitive to it because it is you and because you don't have the top and middle note you think it is scentless.
How often do you know what you smell like?
Consider the man/woman that walks past you and assaults your nose with pungent cologne/perfume. I assure you that they don't know how strong it is. Their scent receptors begin to ignore the scent they wear, so they layer it on believing that it's gone.

Riddle Original is still there. You may not be sensitive to it enough to pick up it's subtle nature but it is still making you smell great and will come back to you in waves. This subtle factor is why most people love Riddle Original so much; it isn't over powering but more of a fresh and clean presence. They trust that it is there and are often reminded when people stop them to ask what they are wearing. 

It is a lot to take in, but scent is a very complex system. Riddle Original is always there and keeping you fresh and smelling great...we promise :)

With all of this being said we also know that peace of mind is important and if you would like to send us your bottle we will always happily switch it out for you. 

Check out the youtube review of Riddle below to hear from one of our customers about her experience with nose fatigue. 


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