Who is Riddle?

We are so happy that you have found us!

Riddle is a luxury fragrance oil and skincare brand established in 2013 in Venice Beach, CA.

We are inspired to make people feel more confident through their scent. We wanted to make scents not necessarily for different people but for different occasions. We have seven signature scents, all of them with a distinct personality; some are great for subtle everyday wear; some are more sensual, some more playful, but all very unique. We also believe that less is more in the fragrance world. We create scents that are not overpowering but rather quietly inviting. Our oils sit close to the body and trail as the person walks or simply creates an aura around the person. The seven different scents come in roll-on oils, spray lotions, full-body oils, and candles.

What will your signature scent be?

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cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic. Our products are also free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and are non-toxic.

The 411:

Roll-on Fragrance Oil - These little babies are concentrated fragrance oil without any carrier oil so, a little goes a long way. When testing the scent, do 1-2 passes on your wrists, then lightly dab your wrists together. Our Original and Sphinx scents require some time for your body heat to warm these scent molecules into the air. Be patient as these are very special pheromone oils and unique to each person.


Milky Spray Lotion - This lovely, lightweight body moisturizer is great for taking on the go and staying hydrated all day. Made with Aloe Leaf Juice, Coconut oil, and Grape Seed oil, then scented with our concentrated fragrance oils. Spray directly onto your hands and rub in or spray all over right out of the shower for an easy dose of moisture.


Boujee Body Oil - This luxurious body oil contains all the yummy nutrient-rich oils that your skin craves. Made with Avocado oil, Rosehip oil, Grape Seed oil, Sunflower oil, Vitamin E oil, and Safflower oil, then scented with our concentrated fragrance oils. This body oil is truly a break from the normal. Pump a small amount into your hands and rub it into your skin from neck to toe.


Fire Candle - Our candles are made using coconut and soy wax. It is encased in a sturdy glass vessel with a matte white coating and minimal design. Our wick is made from wood and has a faint crackling sound. The wax that we use is soft with a low melting point making the candle burn slow and low. The burn time is listed at 84 hours but usually lasts closer to 108 hours.


Botanicals Face Oil - This perfectly balancing face oil is great for most skin types. Made using a base of super-rich Baobab oil along with Frankincense, Geranium, Myrrh, Lavender, and Tea Tree oils. Apply a dime-sized amount to your hands and lightly rub it into your face and neck. 


Botanicals Relief Serum - Hormone balancing serum for am and pm. Made using a base of Jojoba oil along with Juniper Berry, Clary Sage, Lavender, and Tea Tree oils. Apply a dime-sized amount to your hands and lightly rub it into your face and neck.