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Sample Kit / All of the Smells

$ 89.00 $ 140.00


Check out our Seven Signature Scents with this Sample Kit! 

Original - A clean, subtle amber oil with a light musky base note. This unique oil smells different on everyone and is considered a pheromone scent. Best Seller 

Santal- The spicy cardamom and sandalwood are the most present notes in this scent. Santal has been described as bold, crisp and woodsy.

Muse - This scent immediately makes you smile. The amber, peach, and coconut notes lead this scent making a yummy and sweet fragrance that is hard to not love and find playfully exciting.  

Poppy - Bright, fresh and clean. Orange blossom and lemon combine to create an instant energy boost. The rose and ylang ylang create a confident feeling making this a great scent for uplifting the spirit. 

Ex - Seductive and sophisticated this scent has deep rose and leather notes. A truly classic and refined scent. 

Voyeur - Indulge in this natural aphrodisiac made with warm vanilla, sensual amber and sandalwood.

SPHINX - This subtle, high-quality egyptian musk great for those who want a pleasing soft natured scent that is calming and delicate.

Each sample comes in a 3ml mini roll-on.

Our products are cruelty-free and vegan. They are also free of parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde and non-toxic.